Prague is known around the world for its architecture.


We run this tour every evening, rain or shine, all year round.


Time and pick-up place of your choice.


Approx. 2 hours, can be extended upon request.

Prague is a very beautiful city – a fairytale fantasy town of sorts. However, apart from being great the architecture here is also diverse and can be a bit confusing.

Keen to learn more about it? Our Prague architecture tour covers 11 centuries of Prague’s history. Discover Prague in a unique way. See and explore the most beautiful examples of Czech architecture with a local expert guide and learn all about the unique architectural styles that left their footprints in Prague.


One of Prague’s greatest advantages is that within a relatively small area you can find a vast range of architectural styles. Within 2 hours you will be able to understand and appreciate it much more…



109 € – 1 to 2 People

39 € – Each additional person

Check out their office or go on line to see what is offered. They are conducted in reasonable sized groups and last close to two hours. After this tour you will appreciate the architecture of Prague even more and see how the - Czech style - is carried out else where in the world. This is definitely for people who enjoy walking tours and architecture.

Glen D.

“Best Architecture Tour”


  • Local English speaking architecture expertYES
  • Pick up upon request YES
  • Private tour which is exclusively for you (or your group)YES


Discover Prague with local architecture expert

We will carefully select a professional guide according to your interests. The general tour aims to show you all the architectural styles that can be found in Prague. We have only experienced licensed Prague guides in our team who have vast knowledge about this topic. If you want to focus this tour on any particular architectural style, let us know. We can tailor the tour according to your needs and interests.

See and learn about all the architectural styles that can be found in Prague

Romanesque, Gothic, Renaisance, Boroque, Classicism, Historicism, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Functionalism and Social Realism

Feel like an expert at the end

You will learn about the structure of buildings, their evolution and inspirations, as well as related history and growth of the city Prague becomes today.

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We want to deliver you the most personal experience possible. Our local guides will fascinate you with the story of Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, will wander with you (and help you bargain!) in Czech souvenir shops and host you in our favorite restaurants off the tourist trail. If your interest is Czech culture and politics, discovering the very best Czech national cuisine, or anything in between, we'll tailor-make a trip just for you. With Friendly Walks, you'll get knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly guides, all at an affordable rate.


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