Discover the dark and scary side of old Prague.


We run this tour daily, rain or shine, all year round.


The tour starts at 8:30 PM - Summer
7 PM - Winter


Approx. 90 minutes.

Prague is known as the most haunted city in Europe, ghosts are said to inhabit many areas, but you need to know where to look! Join us for a unique journey through the haunted back alleys and dimly lit alleyways of Prague’s Old Town and follow the glimmer of lantern-light.

Search for the supernatural and learn the TRUE gruesome history of the Prague’s lesser-known dark side. Our team has spent years delving into historic libraries, church documents, diaries and in-person interviews in order to dredge up the secrets of the past.


You will learn about the medieval characters like the butcher, the priest and the prostitute, the Turk with the blond – the dead bride from Ungelt, the professor with his skeleton, the hairy man, the barber and the legendary Golem monster from the Jewish Ghetto. Keep your senses alert for swooping lights, unearthly fog and ghostly shadows in the night. If you fancy a tour that is different from the standard historical tours, this is the one for you.



139 € – 1 to 2 People

39 € – Each additional person

We travelled over from Ireland for the weekend, upon seeing the advert we decided we'd take the tour. The three of us are into this sort of thing. They encourage you to join in to by giving you words to say and some people in the groups objects to help scare away the 'ghosts'.

Martha B.

“Well worth it!”


  • Local English speaking ghost expertYES
  • Private tour which is exclusively for you (or your group)YES
  • Ghost stories, tales and legends from the dark history of Prague’s Old TownYES
  • Walk through dark haunted back alleys of the Old Town and the Jewish QuarterYES


Hear amazing ghost stories and legends connected with the „magical capital“ of Old Europe

Have you ever heard the legend about the arm that was chopped off inside the Church of St. James the Greater? What about the Turk from Ungelt, or the legends linked to the wisest rabbi who ever lived in Prague, Rabbi Löw? Join us for the Ghosts and Legends Tour and get scared with us…

Discover the side streets of Prague by Night

During the tour you will walk through the cobble stone streets of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. You will be able to see all the major tourist sights and monuments in these areas at night.

Meeting Point - at 8:20 PM

+420 605 16 20 24

(WhatsApp 24/7)



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Old Town & Jewish Quarter

Ghost Tour


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We want to deliver you the most personal experience possible. Our local guides will fascinate you with the story of Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, will wander with you (and help you bargain!) in Czech souvenir shops and host you in our favorite restaurants off the tourist trail. If your interest is Czech culture and politics, discovering the very best Czech national cuisine, or anything in between, we'll tailor-make a trip just for you. With Friendly Walks, you'll get knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly guides, all at an affordable rate.


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