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We can arrange this experience any day you like, all year round.


Address: Husinecká 25, Prague 3. Pick up available for additional charge.


Approximately 1,5 hours (60 minutes play time)

Come and play Breakout Prague’s live, interactive, multiplayer escape the room game in Prague. The stake is high and the clock is ticking! Your team will be locked in a room and given just 60 minutes to escape.


But to exit the room is not so easy! Crack codes, solve puzzles and brain teasers and use what seems useless to complete the mission!



The story takes place in Czechoslovakia during Communist times. The resistance hid secret documents in a fallout shelter which could dramatically influence the political developments in the Soviet Union. These documents are very well hidden and are not easy to track down. Someone made really sure that they will never be founded by the wrong person!


Your TEAM has been chosen as the perfect spies for this unique mission. Your task is to find and deliver the secret documents that must never get into the hands of KGB agents. You have 60 minutes to complete this task. Get ready for a thrilling adventure and discover whether these secret documents could truly cause a regime change of history.


40 € – Group of 2 people

50 € – Group of 3 to 6 ppl

We went to the Breakout Prague and had the best time ever! Fantastic setting, super friendly staff & great description of the game. Tasks were varied, smart and very inventive. Thank you so much, we had the most amazing time!!!


“Super fun!”

Breakout Prague - Husinecká 25, Prague 3


  • English speaking staff, happy to help you during the whole experience YES
  • Smart and challenging puzzles with clues to suit everyone’s ability YES
  •  Complimentary refreshing drink for each participant YES
  • Free themed photo of your team with authentic Communist agent propsYES


60 minutes full of fun, adrenaline, excitement and adventure

Breakout Prague’s escape game is designed to be one of the most fun ways you will ever find to spend 90 minutes of your time with your friends or a partner. Our game is educational, didactic, bonding, inspirational, exhilarating, spontaneous, challenging and much more. You will learn a lot about yourself and the rest of your team in a very short space of time and most of all have a great deal of fun. We love seeing the looks of excitement and satisfaction on our guests’ faces when they escape!

Nuclear Bunker is an exciting, interactive game designed for teams of 2-6 people

We have tested all sorts of numbers but the ideal is a group of 2 to 6 players. For this reason we are quite strict about these team sizes now as we want to ensure that each and every BREAKOUT PRAGUE ESCAPE GAME experience is excellent.




We have tried the adventures with all ages and it is equally enjoyable for all age groups. For practical reasons, since this is a group activity and we need a certain level of maturity, we limit the minimum age to 7 years old, but there is no maximum age. We love kids, but this is more an adult game and therefore younger children really will not enjoy it. Also, there must be at least one player of over 16 years of age playing in the room.

Interactive environment, original puzzles, logic challenges, secret hidden rooms and latest technological gadgets

This is not a ‘game’ like any other you can imagine. It is truly an adventure. Come and try it! We are sure you will enjoy it and that the adventure itself will stay in your mind for a long time. We help stir that memory by taking free themed photos of your team to post online (with your permission of course).

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